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Studies show that large amounts of money are being channeled into the exploration of shale oil and gas fields not only from US government agencies, but also from major market players. With such a growth rate of investment in this energy sector, the oil market will change in the near future. The company OIL PRODUCTION INVEST LTD (OPI COMPANY) is engaged in investing in the search for deposits and production of shale hydrocarbons in the United States. A team of professionals enables investors to benefit from transparent investments with minimal risks.

Investing in exploration and production of shale oil and shale gas in America

The energy market is constantly changing, so experts first of all monitor time fluctuations and money. This sector has its own nuances, because profitable investments become noticeable after some time. After all, it is necessary to make a purchase in a recession, and everyone wants to realize at the peak of value.

Every investor wants to find a profitable place and invest there in order to increase their capital in the future through profitable investments. For example, if earlier everyone was investing in traditional hydrocarbons, now the situation has changed radically, as many large players are increasingly paying attention to shale oil and their deposits. Every year, American companies increase the total number of large fields, which indicates activity in this sector. Investors are not afraid to invest their money in the search for deposits and the extraction of shale oil and shale gas in America.

International experts of OIL PRODUCTION INVEST LTD (OPI COMPANY) are confident that the volume of investment in drilling shale oil will only increase. According to an independent agency in the US Federal Statistical System EIA, it became known that more than 50% of the production of “black gold” in the country will be at the expense of shale raw materials. The average will reach 6-7 million bar / day. At the same time, small organizations will not have to take loans in order to carry out exploration of small deposits in Western America. This work will require a minimum number of specialists and advanced equipment.

It should be noted separately that the US government creates a comfortable environment for companies that produce shale oil. It is possible that in the near future the tax regime for oil refining organizations will be simplified.

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